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Learn about the available mental health services Los Angeles residents can utilize in this comprehensive article.

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Rapid Growing Numbers of Mental Health Services in Los Angeles

There are many mental health services Los Angeles residents can trust. From private practitioners to neighborhood-based organizations, a wealth of support is available to those who need it.

Due to the increasing number of people living with mental illness, the demand for mental health services Los Angeles requires has risen.
Mental Health Services Los Angeles

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Reasons Why LA Residents Need More Mental Health Services

Approximately 15.8% of adults in the United States suffer from frequent mental distress, with LA County close behind at 12.2%. This number indicates that the mental health services Los Angeles citizens have available are insufficient.1

Primary Reasons for LA Mental Health Services

There are several reasons behind the need for more mental health services in Los Angeles. The primary reasons include the following:
  • High Levels of Poverty and Homelessness: Los Angeles has one of the highest poverty rates in the country. Over 1.5 million people currently live below the poverty line. This can lead to increased stress and mental health issues.2
  • High Levels of Crime: In Los Angeles, the crime rate and violent crime rate are 22% and 86% above the national average, respectively. These high levels of crime can be associated with mental illness.3
  • High Levels of Unemployment: Los Angeles has seen consistently high unemployment rates over the years. Currently, 3.9% of residents in the Los Angeles area are unemployed, which is slightly above the national average (3.3%). As one of the most expensive states to live in, unemployment can greatly increase stress and the risk of mental health concerns.4
  • High Levels of Substance Abuse: Around two million people in LA County abuse substances. Substance abuse and addiction can are linked to an increased risk of mental illness and worsened mental health.5
  • High Levels of Stress: Los Angeles is a fast-paced, overpopulated city with high levels of crime, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and substance abuse. This has led to an increased prevalence of stress, which can affect mental health.

How to Tackle Mental Health Disorders in Los Angeles

Mental health disorders are complex, requiring multimodal treatment plans. While many mental health services Los Angeles treatment centers utilize are effective, there are still opportunities for growth. The best way to tackle this issue is through local government and the public.

Preventative Steps From the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health

The Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health (LACDMH) has taken several steps to tackle the situation, but more is needed to prevent such major issues in the city. The following includes preventative steps and mental health services Los Angeles can take to help the public: 
  • Increase Availability and Funding of Services: The county should improve access to mental health services Los Angeles residents can utilize by increasing the number of and funding for mental health centers and providers.
  • Educate and Provide Resources: LA County should promote mental health awareness by providing educational materials and resources to the public. The LACDMH can also begin hosting mental health awareness events and increase the availability of resources in underserved communities.
  • Implement Early Intervention Programs: The LACDMH should implement early intervention programs to detect and treat mental health concerns as early as possible. These programs should include mental health and substance use screenings, counseling and therapy services, crisis intervention, and relevant mental health services Los Angeles locals can use.
  • Encourage Research: The county should fund research projects, encourage collaboration between researchers and mental health professionals, and promote awareness of research findings.

People of LA Need to Take Action Now

Residents of Los Angeles can help prevent mental illness by taking preventative measures. This includes getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, engaging in activities that bring joy and relaxation, and connecting with others in meaningful ways.
Those who need help should utilize mental health services Los Angeles treatment centers have available. There are helplines, medical services, community-based support groups, in-person and telehealth therapy options, behavioral health services, Alternative Options Counseling Center, and more.
It’s also important to educate oneself on mental illness causes, risk factors, and symptoms. This can increase the rate of individuals seeking treatment and getting the proper mental health services Los Angeles citizens need. 
Mental Health Services Los Angeles

How Alternative Options Can Help the People of Los Angeles

Alternative Options is an outpatient treatment center focusing on mental health, substance use, and eating disorders. Our highly qualified staff has been treating individuals for over two decades. We provide a safe and well-structured environment that promotes wellness and recovery.

Alternative Options aims to help individuals and families find new purpose in their lives. We address the mental, emotional, behavioral, relational, and spiritual needs of each client. Our team of experts from different fields, including registered addiction specialists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and dietitians, is here to help throughout the treatment process. 

We offer three programs:

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program (IOP) includes group therapy, individual therapy, and psychiatric and nutritional supervision.

Clients begin this program by attending intensive outpatient therapy for twelve to fifteen hours per week. This can be reduced to around nine hours per week as they improve. Each client is assigned to a case manager to ensure they receive the best care that suits their needs.

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) is a structured, short-term therapeutic treatment program. It is for adults and adolescents who require crisis recovery due to persistent and severe mental health conditions.

Our skilled healthcare professionals collaborate to provide clients with comprehensive care.

Outpatient Therapy Program

The outpatient therapy program is available for individuals, couples, and families. Our licensed marriage and family therapists, clinical social workers, and psychologists offer compassionate and supportive services. They can help treat various conditions, such as addiction, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, trauma, and life transitions. 

Reach Out and Begin Healing

Contact us today to learn more about our programs and get started. We are here to provide mental health services Los Angeles citizens can depend on and trust.

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