Mental Health Toolkit

The world has been in a constant state of change, especially over the past couple years. At Alternative Options we put together a free Mental Health Toolkit designed to alleviate stress during these times. The worksheets and exercises offered here are an introduction to some things that can help manage your mental health, reduce symptoms, and boost overall well-being.

The toolkit is a combination of tip sheets, worksheets with exercises, and journal prompts. You can browse the toolkit from your desktop, tablet, or phone. If you prefer a hardcopy feel free to download our printer friendly version. This is a great tool to help you kickstart a journaling and wellness practice or to supplement an already existing one.

Full color version

Printer friendly version


The Mental Health Toolkit is a collection of resources to introduce coping skills and offer stress management tips. Information offered here is not meant to replace treatment with a professional. Mental health content is not one size fits all. Take what is helpful for you and leave what doesn’t fit.

This resource is free to share.