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Program Spotlight - Substance Abuse Program

Video Transcript:

Hi, My name is Art Turner. I’m a certified addiction treatment counselor here at Alternative Options Counseling Center in Artesia, CA. My title here is Chemical Dependency Program Coordinator. 

Typically what I do is assess clients with substance abuse problems, determine whether they’re ready for treatment, or whether they need some sort of medical detox to get them stabilized enough to start treatment. Once we get them into treatment we assign them an individual therapist they meet with once a week for private therapy sessions. 

I also facilitate groups and in the chemical dependency groups we try and equip them with the tools to stay clean and sober. We check in with them on a daily basis and get them to identify with some of their stressors and what their challenges are and help them through each day to try to put some distance between them and the substances. 

We also have psychiatrists on our staff who manage medications. Another thing that we do is offer support for the families as well because addiction is a family disease and everyone in that family system is impacted in one way or another and so we want the family to be part of the healing process. I’ve been working here at Alternative Options for the past 12 years and I really enjoy my work. I am a person who is in recovery himself for many years now. So thank you.